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X: The Unknown (1956)


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X: The Unknown


X: The Unknown


  • Released

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  • Genre

    • Horror
    • Science Fiction
    • Mystery
  • It rises from 2000 miles below the earth to melt everything in it's path!
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X: The Unknown



When a fissure explosively opens in an English mud flat during a military exercise there, injuring one soldier and killing another, an American research scientist at a nearby nuclear plant joins with a British investigator to discover why the victims were radioactively burned and why, shortly thereafter, a series of radiation-related incidents are occurring in an ever-growing straight line away from the fissure.



  • Dean Jagger
    Dean Jagger
    Dr. Adam Royston
  • Leo McKern
    Leo McKern
    Inspector McGill
  • William Lucas
    William Lucas
    Peter Elliott
  • Edward Chapman
    Edward Chapman
    John Elliott
  • Michael Ripper
    Michael Ripper
    Sgt. Harry Grimsdyke
  • Anthony Newley
    Anthony Newley
    LCpl. 'Spider' Webb
  • Peter Hammond
    Peter Hammond
    Lt. Bannerman
  • Kenneth Cope
    Kenneth Cope
    Pvt. Lansing
  • Frazer Hines
    Frazer Hines
    Ian Osborn
  • Jameson Clark
    Jameson Clark
    Jack Harding
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X: The Unknown

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