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S88.net Forum Rules

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Welcome to S88.net

  • No FILES are hosted on this website.
  • We only share links from around the world.
  • Links must be valid, and direct downloads.
  • Your welcome to use our file hosting website, in which we know the links will never go bad.
  • You must contact an admin to get an account setup for you.
  • This website is free to use, there are no restrictions on downloads.


Monthly Donations and why we need them:

  • Donations are needed to keep the website afloat.
  • We pay more then $500 dollars a month for 2 dedicated servers, so were only asking for the help of $500 per month.
  • We do not make money from this website, that is not what were here for.
  • If you expect us to keep providing you with top quality movies, please donate to keep our website online.
  • We need Monthly Donations in order to survive.
  • If you would like to donate towards forum/server running costs, please see the "donations tab" on the top of our homepage.
  • Minimum donation is $25.00 US dollars.
  • We use PayPal, and do not offer any other forms of payment.


Things you need to know as a member of our website:

  • You must keep a valid email address on your account, this system will ask you to re-verify your email address every 30 days.
  • If we get any bounced emails for your email address, I will contact you to fix the problem.
  • If this continues to be an issue, we will close your account.
  • Filehosting.network: Where most of our downloads come from, you can only download 1 file at a time from our website file hosting.
  • If you upload movies and have an account on Filehosting.network, you can download more then one file at a time.
  • You must contact an Admin to get an account on FileHosting.Network


Rules For Posting Movies on S-88.net:

  • First thing do a SEARCH on the website to see if the movie your about to post has been posted.
  • Use Thread Starter for the movie your about to post.
  • Thread Starter will auto import all the movie information in to your post, once you click on "Submit"
  • Make sure your image and your link are in the center of your post.
  • Please do not make sloppy posts., I will fix the first 2-3 posts for you.
  • If your still having issues, I will contact you on how to fix your posts.


Open Door Policy:

  • If you need help with anything related to the website.
  • Contact either Admin.
  • We will be glad to help you, that what were here for.


Rules are subject to change at any time, and it is up to you to check the rules often.

S88.net Staff


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