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Johnny English (2003)


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Johnny English


Johnny English


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    • Adventure
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    • Comedy
  • He knows no fear. He knows no danger. He knows nothing.
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Johnny English



A lowly pencil pusher working for MI7, Johnny English is suddenly promoted to super spy after Agent One is assassinated and every other agent is blown up at his funeral. When a billionaire entrepreneur sponsors the exhibition of the Crown Jewels—and the valuable gems disappear on the opening night and on English's watch—the newly-designated agent must jump into action to find the thief and recover the missing gems.



  • Rowan Atkinson
    Rowan Atkinson
    Johnny English
  • Natalie Imbruglia
    Natalie Imbruglia
    Lorna Campbell
  • Ben Miller
    Ben Miller
    Bough, English's Sidekick
  • John Malkovich
    John Malkovich
    Pascal Sauvage, the Greedy Frenchman
  • Greg Wise
    Greg Wise
    Agent One
  • Tasha de Vasconcelos
    Tasha de Vasconcelos
    Countess Alexandra - Exotic Woman
  • Douglas McFerran
    Douglas McFerran
    Carlos Vendetta
  • Steve Nicolson
    Steve Nicolson
    Dieter Klein
  • Terence Harvey
    Terence Harvey
    Official at Funeral
  • Kevin McNally
    Kevin McNally
    Prime Minister
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