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Holiday on the Buses (1973)


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Holiday on the Buses


Holiday on the Buses


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    • Comedy
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Holiday on the Buses



Due to a female passenger falling out of her top whilst running for the bus Stan is distracted and crashes the bus resulting in the depot managers car being written off. As a result Stan, Jack and Blakey are fired. Stan and Jack soon get new jobs as a bus crew at a Pontins holiday resort but discover that Blakey has also gotten a job there as the chief security guard.


  • Reg Varney
    Reg Varney
    Stan Butler
  • Stephen Lewis
    Stephen Lewis
    Inspector 'Blakey' Blake
  • Doris Hare
    Doris Hare
    Mrs. Mabel Butler
  • Anna Karen
    Anna Karen
    Olive Rudge
  • Bob Grant
    Bob Grant
    Jack his Conductor
  • Michael Robbins
    Michael Robbins
    Arthur Rudge
  • Wilfrid Brambell
    Wilfrid Brambell
    Bert Thompson
  • Kate Williams
    Kate Williams
    Red Cross Nurse
  • Arthur Mullard
    Arthur Mullard
    Wally Briggs
  • Queenie Watts
    Queenie Watts
    Mrs. Briggs
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Holiday on the Buses

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